International Languages and Humanities Achievements

Cindy King, International Languages and Humanities Coordinator

  • Collaborated with Sevin Gallo (history), Jacqueline Jones (English), and Tina Jones (film/communications), on a cross-disciplinary Viewer's Guide prior to the screening of Welcome, a poignant international film about the current refugee crisis in Europe as a result of violent geo-political situations in the Middle East and across the globe. 
  • Attended Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Workshop at Kalamazoo Community College in August 2013. 
  • In collaboration, developed and submitted a curricular module as part of requirements for participation in said workshop.
  • Co-presented on globalizing the humanities and sociology at Midwest Institute for International and Intercultural Education (MIIIE) Spring 2014 conference in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Participated in FIU/CARLA Training Seminar on Integrating Technology into Teaching Haiti's Language and Culture on August 6-7, 2015 at Florida International University.  While there, faculty researched Haitian and Cuban art collections at FIU's Frost Museum. 

Greg Fields, Spanish Faculty

  • Presented on international careers during International Education Week (IEW) of 2014. 
  • In collaboration, is developing the medical interpreter program, and will attend the 2016 IMIA Annual Conference