Cindy King
BH 1022


International Languages

The International Languages Department offers courses in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish that provide the foundation for language study. They also satisfy either the humanities requirement for general education or the proficiency requirement in an international language when required for transfer. Transferring to earn a bachelor's degree in an international language such as Italian can lead to a career in advertising, broadcasting, consulting, translating, teaching, international service, public relations, social work, and sales.

Placement Information

Students who wish to place into Elementary II or Intermediate language classes without the proper pre-requisites may do so in one of the following ways:

  • for Spanish, take the placement exam at NWACC's Testing Center located on the third floor of the Student Center.  International Language Faculty will then evaluate the exam and advise students as to where they place in our program.  The exam is free and takes approximately thirty minutes. For Chinese, French, German, and Italian, contact Cindy King, International Languages Coordinator at or 479-986-6921.
  • for French and Spanish take the CLEP test at NWACC or another testing site.  This reading and listening test takes approximately ninety minutes and costs $90.  Students who score a minimum of fifty are eligible to receive six hours of college credit Spanish on their transcript.  Students who score a 66 are eligible to receive twelve hours of college credit.  However, it is important for transfer students to know that not all transfer institutions accept CLEP credit for foreign languages. 


CLEP Examinations Approved
& Accepted by NWACC
NWACC Course
FrenchFREN 1003 & 1013506
FrenchFREN 2003 & 20136212
GermanGERM 1003 & 1013506
GermanGERM 2003 & 20136312
SpanishSPAN 1003 & 1013506
SpanishSPAN 2003 & 20136612


  • (starting Fall 2016) for French, German, or Spanish, students who have made the minimum score below on an AP language examination may receive credit for the following NWACC International Language courses:


AP Examination NWACC Course Min Score
FrenchFREN 1013 & 20033C
 FREN 1013, 2003, & 20134C
GermanGERM 1013 & 20033C
 GERM 1013, 2003, & 2013   4C
SpanishSPAN 1013 & 20033C
 SPAN 1013, 2003 & 2013  4C


Students with a Spanish speaking background who want to develop or augment their academic language skills should consider Spanish for Heritage Speakers (SPAN 2033).  For more information,  contact Virginia Ramirez at or Cindy King at

Students who plan to take one of the exams above are urged to do so well before registration period so they sign up for the correct level of the target language and plan the rest of their schedule accordingly.  For Testing Center hours, please contact the Testing Center at 479-419-4354.

Students who have additional questions regarding placement should contact Cindy King, International Languages Coordinator, at 479-986-6921.