Business & Computer Information

Would you like to learn how to design your own web-page, and effectively market your company's products via e-commerce?

Does creating programs for use on mobile devices interest you?

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business, but feel you lack the skills required to make it a success?

Finally, would you like to begin your pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in the area of Business or Computer Information?


All of this, (and more!), can be accomplished by taking courses and earning a degree in the Business and Computer Information Division of NorthWest Arkansas Community College.
The courses offered in this division provide students the necessary skills needed to further their education and/or compete in today's job market.
Most courses are delivered both traditionally and online to help accommodate busy schedules. NWACC offers smaller class sizes, quality instructors, and coursework that provides not only a traditional textbook education, but also utilizes real-world experience.