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Getting Started at NWACC

Becoming a student at NWACC is easy!

Online students go through the same process as traditional on-campus students.

1. Admissions:  Students interesting in taking online classes must first be admitted to the college. The application you use will depend upon your student type. Go to the Admissions page for more information.

2. Talk to an Academic Advisor:  NWACC advisors are equipped to help you determine the best path to your goals. Our Academic Advising Center provides the overall umbrella for student advising, but many departments and programs also have their own advisors to assist you. Head over to the Advisor and Coordinator page to find your specific contact.

3. Sign up for Classes:  Once you are admitted to the college and receive your username and password, you will be able to access the online registration system. Online classes use the same terms and registration schedule as on-campus classes, and are listed together with traditional face-to-face and hybrid classes on the course schedule. You can search for classes using the Online Class Schedule.

If you need assistance getting started at NWACC, contact the Enrollment Advisor