Browser Settings Guide

 Updated March 2017

This guide includes information to assist you in configuring your Browser to function correctly with Blackboard. Most computers that are kept up to date should not see any issues while using Blackboard. However, if you received a fail message from the Browser Checker you can find instructions specific to your browser type and version. Select your Operating System type from the following to get started:

Mac OS logoMac OS X 10.6+Mac OS logo

Windows logoWindows SystemsWindows logo

Linux logoLinux or UnixLinux logo

NOTE: Safari for Windows will not correctly work with the checker or load any Java applications in Blackboard. Since it is not supported by Blackboard, if you encounter issues please use a different browser!

Having both the Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player will allow you to view commonly used course materials. Adobe Reader allows you to view PDF documents and the Flash Player allows you to view Flash animations and some course videos. You can get the most recent and recommend version here: Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player.

Issues when using the chat room and virtual classroom are caused by Java. Instructions on how to fix these issues can be found in this PDF: Fixing Java. You may also use the Java Uninstaller to remove older versions.