Online Math Classes

All online math classes use MyMathLab for the online instructional part of the class. In addition, some online math classes may use Blackboard for announcements, to send email, and for other purposes determined by the instructor.

If you are enrolled in an online math class, you must do the following right away:

  • Contact your instructor as soon as you enroll in the course. Ask if there is a form you need to complete, an orientation to 'attend', and to find out if the instructor uses Blackboard for any part of their course.
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  • Be sure to check your NWACC email account before classes begin, and throughout the semester, for important communications from your instructor, the college, and Distance Learning. If you need assistance with your NWACC email, contact the Student Technology Help Desk.


You can go directly to this system at or your instructor may have loaded a link inside your Blackboard course. It will be up to your instructor how much they use Blackboard for course communication, but all of your work will be done in MyMathLab.

Support Information

Registration information can be found here:

MyMathLab support by email or live chat can be found here:

OR their support center is available by phone M-F 11am - 7pm CST at 1-800-677-6337.

For more information about online math classes at NWACC, please contact the specific course instructor or the Math Department.