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Short Course Descriptions


Online Marketing for Small Business: Fundamentals (8-10 Hours)                   $299

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Just getting started in Internet Marketing? Gain a solid foundation of basic skills and some fundamental strategies and tactics with this course. You'll start with an introduction to Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Pay Per Click Advertising. Then move on to additional training in each, with a special focus on optimizing for local search.

Take this course if ...

  • You're new to Internet Marketing, or
  • You're somewhat familiar with Social Media Marketing and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but you are not actively using or managing them in promoting your business.

Online Marketing for Small Business: Strategies (8-10 Hours)                          $299

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If you've already got some experience with Internet marketing, and you're ready to bring a new level of strategy and psychology to your campaigns, this is the course for you. You'll discover the finer points of SEO design, copywriting, and content strategy; build a plan for your Social Media outreach; and fine tune your Pay Per Click campaigns.

Take this course if ...

  • You've implemented some SEO strategies, and are ready to refine your keywords and content to make measurable gains in your rankings.
  • You're using social media, but are overwhelmed by the options, and are struggling to assess its value for your business.
  • You've done some PPP Advertising, but want to reach more prospects and convert more buyers.

YouTube and Video Marketing (8-10 Hours)                                                       $299

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Based on Greg Jarboe's recently released YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day, 2nd Edition, this video marketing course covers the absolute latest trends and tips. You'll learn what kind of content goes viral, why viewers connect with brands via video, and how analytics can help you understand and achieve your online marketing goals. In today's media-rich culture, leaving yourself out of the video market is leaving yourself out in the cold.

Going Viral: Executing Your Viral Marketing Campaign Idea (4-6 Hours)        $299

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There is no magic formula for making your marketing message "go viral," but there are some core principles that marketers can utilize to increase the odds of success. In this course, Jennifer Evans Cario explains the core concepts, strategies, success stories, and checklists for brainstorming, designing, and launching your viral marketing campaign.

Microblogging & Twitter (4-6 Hours)                                                                   $299

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Everybody else is Tweeting... does that mean it's right for you? Companies often jump on board the latest fad before considering whether or not it's the right tool for their business... or before they have any sort of strategy at all. In this course, Jennifer Evans Cario explains strategies, tips, best uses, and the best Twitter tools. In the end, you should have all the information you need to figure out how Twitter can be a valuable marketing tool for your business whether you're in the B2B or B2C game.

Holiday PPC Advertising Strategies (4-6 Hours)                                                 $299

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Holiday seasons change the behavior patterns of both retail and B2B buyers. Want to capture a larger share? Discover the keywords, ad copy, and landing page strategies that appeal the most to the unique buying cycle of the seasonal shopper. In this special Holiday PPC course, expert marketers Brad Geddes, Bryan Eisenberg, and Avinash Kaushik explain the psychology of holiday shopping, how to tailor your campaigns to generate more clicks & conversions, and specific methods to measure your success. You'll learn the keywords that convert best for holiday search traffic, essential strategies to maximize mobile bargain hunters and how to build landing pages that turn motivated shoppers into appreciative customers!

KPI Analysis and Techniques (2-4 Hours)                                                             $299

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It's hard to know which metrics are the most effective...and which are a waste of time. For years, analysis revolved around tracking total and unique visitors, but things have become a great deal more sophisticated. In this short course, Avinash attacks analytics training with a comprehensive introduction to defining and measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPI) -- one of the absolute cornerstones of Web Analytics analysis -- giving a solid foundation for more advanced analytics strategies.

Segmentation: Key to Web Analytics Success (4-6 Hours)                                  $299

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From time-on-site to referring sites to organic vs paid traffic, understanding your visitors and the way they interact with your website is crucial to optimizing your pages and ultimately, to converting those visitors into customers. Partnered with well-defined KPIs and your data analysis feeds, understanding how to segment your visitors will transform your web strategies and translate to increased conversions. In this course, Avinash, walks you through good data, bad data, and the importance of effective segmentation analysis.

Content Marketing (4-6 Hours)                                                                             $299

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Content Marketing is not new: SEOs, bloggers, online journalists, and more recently Facebook and LinkedIn power users have been succeeding -- and failing -- at the content game for years.

Now, with the dominance of social platforms and in the wake of Panda and Penguin, Content Marketing has a whole new level of importance, demanding real measurable strategies to succeed.

Join Greg Jarboe in this thorough investigation of Content Marketing, and learn to choose your channels, create compelling content, and measure your results for maximum impact.

Facebook Marketing (2-4 Hours)                                                                          $299                                                                                                     
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This Facebook Marketing series can also be found in section four of the Internet Marketing Foundation course (MM208). It's a great way to get a sneak preview of the kind of instruction you'll enjoy in the longer courses... plus you'll get a head start on organizing your new Facebook strategy.

Take your message directly to your customers where they live... on Facebook. It's the perfect place to find a highly targeted audience, and engage them in an environment that's already primed for discussion and sharing. You'll not only learn the social networking opportunities Facebook offers for professionals, but how businesses can turn it into a massive lead generation platform.

Display Advertising (8-10 Hours)                                                                          $299

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Display Advertising offers a variety of engaging ad types, tremendous targeting options, and robust data for driving future campaign decisions. Discover the subtle ins and outs of this powerful tool and learn if you should be using it, and how best to use it, to meet your marketing goals. From choosing the best ads for your campaigns, to cookies and remarketing campaigns, to working with third party agencies, this course offers comprehensive insight into this amazing opportunity for digital advertisers.

YouTube Advertising (4-6 Hours)                                                                          $299

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When most people think of YouTube marketing they think of viral videos: cute kittens, music mashups, and compilations of fail. But how do the people making the videos generate revenue? That's the other side of the equation: YouTube Advertising. From pre-video clips to pay-per-click overlays to on-page banner ads, YouTube offers a variety of ways to generate revenue from video popularity. So whether you make videos that can generate the eyeballs, or you're a marketer or agency looking to reach them, this course will provide you all the tools you need to get the most out of YouTube's advertising platform.

AdWords Fundamentals & Test Prep (4-6 Hours)                                                 $299

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In this comprehensive overview of AdWords you'll cover all the key aspects of running a successful AdWords PPC campaign. From campaign setup to match types to quality score to bidding and budgeting, you'll find everything you need to pass the AdWords Fundamentals exam.

Pinterest Marketing (2-4 Hours)                                                                           $299

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Pinterest is a powerful marketing channel that demands a thoughtful strategy. It's a community of people who have defined their areas of interest, and have volunteered to share the cool content they discover. So if you can find your audience (and its influencers) and provide them with great content, they'll engage with you, and help you find more prospects. Jenn breaks down Pinterest marketing into easily relatable business concepts, giving you a framework to help build your strategy. Of course, once you've integrated Pinterest into your marketing mix, you'll need to know if it's working: Jenn also shows you how to set up analytics to track and evaluate your efforts, so you can see if you're headed in the right direction, and respond early and authoritatively if change is required.