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Shelf Management and Space Planning Program

"ProSpace" software training was first offered at NWACC in 2002 as a way to teach Walmart suppliers how to be more efficient and effective during the modular review process.  It has grown through the years as the demand for Category Managers, Category Analysts and specialists in Modular Planning has increased.  The program utilizes the latest version of JDA Intactix to teach students not only how to use the software but the classes are specialized to teach students about the modular review process at Walmart.  JDA Intactix is used by Walmart to create and review their category modular.


Training on "ProSpace" has evolved into what is now the Shelf Management and Space Planning program.  The two classes offered will train students on how to identify the right assortment for a store by placing the right product in the right positions in the right stores at the right time.  These techniques help Walmart and the CPG companies improve the bottom line by quickly analyzing how much can be sold, how much inventory is needed for each product to meet the sales demand while increasing sales. 

Shelf Management and Space Planning classes are advanced Retail classes and are offered to those who have retail experience or knowledge and have previous Retail Link experience but want to learn ProSpace and the Walmart Review process.



Class Schedule

All classes meet from 6 PM to 9 PM

FALL 2015 Prospace Classes:

CRN Title Days Instructor Dates Location Price
1033Intro Shelf Mgmt/Plan-ProspaceMLiberatore, Eric V.8/31 - 10/19SCWT C113$650
1034Adv Shelf Mgmt/Plan-ProspaceMLiberatore, Eric V.11/9 - 12/17SCWT C113$600


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