Student Learning Assessment


The purpose of student learning assessment is to identify, collect, and prepare data to evaluate and continuously improve attainment of student learning outcomes.  Effective assessment uses relevant direct, and indirect, qualitative and qualitative measures as appropriate to the outcome being measured.


The Student Learning Assessment Committee is responsible for reviewing, revising, and approving the Academic Assessment Plan for Northwest Arkansas Community College.  As a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate, the CAO has appointed the Assessment Committee (AC) to monitor academic assessment planning to make recommendations to the CAO regarding, general education and course level assessment plans, processes, and reports. The AC also conveys assessment results to the Senate and CAO bi-annually for consideration and follow-up, and works in conjunction with the office of institutional effectiveness and institutional research for required external reporting.

Assessment Toolkit for Faculty

Strategic Alignment of
Student Learning Assessment

General Education Outcome
Assessment Data as of AY 2016





Team Members Laura Cates Institutional Effectiveness Representative
  Sammi Eddie Health Professions
  Lenora Clouse Social & Behavioral Sciences
  Lindel Townsley Business & Computer Information
  Marjorie Whitmire Math
  Beverly Kelley Science
  Mary Moore Communication & Arts
  Kevin Weakly Social & Behavioral Sciences
Ex-Officio Member   Ricky Tompkins VP/Learning


Alignment with College ENDS: E-101 Student Community & E-104 Pre-K-16 Community