Committee on Committees


The purpose of the C on C is to focus only on standing college committees, this includes committees whose work affects a large number of stakeholders or more than one division of stakeholders, and who meet throughout the year as needed to address their business. It does not include task forces, ad-hoc committees, work groups, etc.


The C on C is a standing committee charged with over site of all standing committees. The committee provides accurate role and scope, seeing that minutes or notes are provided and placed on the Intranet site for easy access and updated regularly, reporting progress, challenges, and issues on over site to Cabinet.



Grants Wilson

Health Professions

Team Members





Ex-Officio Members

Teresa Whitmire

Lorraine Bach

Joshua Brandow

Matthew Connior

Karen Tinker-Walker


 Tim Cornelius


Expanded Cabinet

Communication & Arts

Grants & Effectiveness

Math & Science

Social and Behavioral Science


 VP Global Business, Health Sciences, Corporate Learning


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