Authorized Users

In addition to students receiving notification of new statements, students have the ability to add "authorized users" to their account - typically parents or guardians. Authorized users will also receive email notification of new online statements. Additionally, authorized users can make online payments with a credit card or e-Check.
Students and authorized users have their own separate login and password; also, students and authorized users are not able to view each other's bank account or credit card information.
The benefits for authorized users include:
  • Easy to read online history of past statements and payments
  • Ease of use and convenience; e-Bill is available 24 hours a day
  • Get up-to-date account information, anytime
  • Statements and payments are private and secure
  • You can print your eBill statements and remit payment through the mail
Click here for step-by-step instructions to set-up Authorized Users. Login instructions and a randomly generated password will be emailed to the new authorized user. After logging in with the e-mail address and this password, the authorized user updates a profile and chooses a new password.
** eRefunds can only be designated to an account in the student’s payment profile. This feature is not available to other authorized users.
 For any questions or comments please e-mail the Treasurer's Web Author.