Academic Success Center-Request a Classroom Visit

ASC Staff can provide presentations on our services and study skills instruction to your classrooms upon request.

To request a classroom visit, first open this form in Adobe Reader or Acrobat by selecting "Open with Different Viewer" in the upper right-hand corner and choosing "Open With: Acrobat Reader/Acrobat".  Then complete it and submit it to the ASC in one of the following three ways:

  1. Complete form, save a copy, and submit it as an email attachment to;
  2. Complete form, print a copy, and submit it in person to BH 1218.2; OR
  3. Complete form and submit it within the form by selecting "Submit Form" in the upper right-hand corner (Enter "" for the Email Address and "Ashley Byrd" for the Full Name).

Contact Ashley Byrd, ASC Associate Director, at (479) 619-4336 or for more information about scheduling a classroom visit.


For questions or comments, please contact us at