Academic Success Center-Academic Success Workshops

Please join us on WEDNESDAYS at 11 AM this fall in our NEW location, STUDENT CENTER (SC) room 205A (The Success Center between Student Records and Financial Aid).  Let's discuss how you can succeed in college and in life!  We will learn about study skills to final exams, scheduling time to managing stress, how to take notes to how to use math every day, and much more.  BRING A FRIEND!


September 9 - Cornell Note-Taking

Why the Cornell method of note-taking works and how you can use it to make the most of your study time and learn more efficiently.

September 16 -Study Skills

Learning style assessment, study management plan, adapting to different courses, note-taking overview, and general test preparation.

September 23 -Test Taking & Anxiety

Test preparation (note-taking and study management plan), test-taking tips, how to deal with test anxiety.

October 14 -Balancing Life: Time & Stress

How to create a time management plan (for school, work, & home), find a personal connection to course work, incorporate campus life into academic learning, and learn healthy ways to cope in stress situations relating to college life.

October 21 -Learning Styles

Learning style assessment, strengths assessment, and how identifying both can make you are better learner.

October 28 -Why Math Matters (from an English Teacher)

Cultural and personal attitudes about math, what concepts can be taken from math to use every day, and why math matters to your education and career.

November 4 -Cornell Note-Taking

For description, see September 9 above.

November 11 -Test Taking & Anxiety

For description, see September 23 above.

November 18 - 4 Weeks to a Better Grade

How to create an accelerated study management plan that prioritizes end-of-semester assignments, identifies areas that can be improved in a month, and kicks off finals prep today.

December 2 -Balancing Life: Time & Stress

For description, see October 14 above.

December 9 -Test Taking & Anxiety

For description, see September 23 above.


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