Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in selling to NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC).  Please print the Vendor Application Form that is available below.  To be placed on the Vendor list for NWACC you must complete the Vendor Application Form and return it along with the Commodity Listing to:

NorthWest Arkansas Community College
Purchasing Department
Attn:  Vendor Application
One College Drive
Bentonville, AR  72712

Upon receipt of the completed application, a determination will be made as to your company's eligibility and, if eligible, will be placed on the bidders' list.  Incomplete or incorrectly completed applications will not be processed.

An approved vendor will remain on the list until such a time that:  three (3) no bid/no responses are accrued as a result of a bid solicitation;  mail is returned for any reason; or, the vendor is removed from the list for cause.

Act 157 of 2007 of the Arkansas Regular Legislative Session requires that any business or person responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) certify, prior to the award of the contract, that they do not employ or contract with any illegal immigrants. Bidders are to certify online at:

This is a mandatory requirement. Failure to certify may result in rejection of your proposal, and no award will be made to a vendor who has not so certified.

Note:  Being placed on the Vendor list does not insure any subsequent contract award.

The Vendor list for NWACC is used for two purposes, by law for Competitive Sealed Bids/Requests for Proposals over $25,000.00, and, at times, for reference when searching for providers of a particular commodity or service.  All solicitations for Competitive Sealed Bids/Requests for Proposals are listed on our web site.

No gifts or gratuities of any kind or nature, regardless of value, will be accepted from a business or vendor by any individual employed in the Purchasing Department .  This includes payment, loan, subscription, advance, deposit of money, services, or anything of value, present or promised.  This also includes any tangible or intangible benefit in the nature of gifts, favors, entertainment, discounts, passes, transportation, accommodation, hospitality or offers of employment.

** There is NO application fee to process your application!  Just print it out, complete the application and mail it to our office.  If you cannot find your commodity in the listing on the Vendor Application, just send a memo explaining your goods/services area and we will find the correct class and listing.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 479-619-4141. 

For questions/comments on this content, please contact or Jack Thompson.