Physical Plant

Mission Statement

The mission of the Physical Plant Department is to assist in creating and maintaining a safe, attractive physical environment that enhances and promotes the vital process of higher education and research. This goal is not static, but is ever changing and evolving. The condition of the facilities and grounds of the campus directly affects the atmosphere of individual growth and discovery that is at the heart of NorthWest Arkansas Community College's educational endeavor. The extent to which we positively affect this endeavor is the extent to which we succeed at our mission.

The Physical Plant Department is committed to providing the quality services and planning necessary to support NWACC in its educational mission.  The intention is to provide ongoing systematic prevention maintenance of all physical facilities as well as routine inspection, adjustment and upgrading of all control systems to ensure a safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment for the entire College. These programs are critical to providing a cost-effective operation. Appearance of the campus and its facilities is a primary concern of the Physical Plant staff. It is understood that perceptions of first time visitors are important and every effort is made to present a clean, well-kept, well-landscaped campus, as well as clean and well-maintained facilities.



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