Emergencies, Evacuation and Disaster Recovery Planning

The Risk Management and Employee Ethics division is responsible to establish, implement and monitor general emergency response and disaster recovery policies and procedures at the college, working with the college Department of Public Safety, the college Physical Plant Department and college Administration.

Response to emergencies of various types and magnitudes and evacuation plans are covered in the college Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. Risk Management and Employee Ethics, working with NWACC's Department of Public Safety, is also responsible to assist in training the college community to implement this plan in a responsible manner and provide general information to the college community regarding emergencies and evacuation matters.

Please become familiar with the NWACC general policies and procedures related to emergency response and evacuation and specific plans for various college locations at the links below.

Emergency Procedures

Find out  more information about our Emergency Preparedness and notification system.

College Emergency Response Plans

NWACC Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan-- March 2011

NWACC Emergency Contact Information- Call 479-619-4229, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

General Emergency Response  & Evacuation Procedures



Desktop Emergency Procedures Handbooks

PRINTABLE VERSIONS of the Desktop Emergency Handbooks for several college locations are available at the following links for college departments or college employees to download and print.

NWACC Bentonville Desktop Emergency Response

Washington County Center Emergency Response Procedures-Desktop Brochure

Brightwater Desktop Emergency Response Procedures

Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Plans

NWACC Hazard Profile Analysis July 2009

NWACC Emergency Response Communication Plan July 2009