Mission & Goals   

The mission of  NWACC Purchasing Department is to provide each department  with purchasing services that effectively and efficiently respond to their operating needs.  All purchases are for the official business of the college. We  seek to fulfill this mission by working toward the following goals:

  • To purchase all materials and services which meet the quality, quantity and delivery requirements of each department. 
  • To obtain the highest value for each dollar spent.
  • To foster and maintain good working  relationships with campus departments through an understanding of their purposes and objectives.
  • To promote the principles of open competitive bidding and impartiality.
  • To maintain a high level of professional ethics and integrity.
  • To provide potential suppliers with equal consideration of their products and services.
  • To foster a high standard of public relations within NWACC, with vendors and the general public.
  • To acquaint faculty and staff with the practices and procedures employed by the Purchasing Department.
  • To provide information and consultation to faculty and staff relative to products, sources and purchasing options available to them.

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