Cost Containment

NWACC endeavors to make the most effective and efficient use of state, local and tuition/fee funds in order to carry out our mission. In order to maximize efficiency we encourage faculty, staff, and students to submit cost containment suggestions using the form below.

Cost Containment Suggestions

Your input is valuable to us. Please send us your suggestions.

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Five pillars guide sustainability at NWACC

Trustees learned more at their July 2013 retreat about NWACC's five pillars guiding our sustainability efforts: People, Planet, Profits/Savings, Programming and Planning. Read about it here.

NWACC Honored as 'Model of Efficiency'

NorthWest Arkansas Community College is one of nine colleges and universities nationwide recently recognized by University Business magazine in its winter 2012 "Models of Efficiency" program. Read more here.

Task Force on Summer Efficiencies: Work Day, Class Schedules, and Energy Savings

Circumstances suggest NWACC should take action to achieve greater efficiency with its utilization of time and resources to support operations of the College during the summer months. Read more here.

College Completion Agenda: Low-Cost Strategies/The Signature Report

Here is a report on promising state and local practices for governors to consider. Read more here.

Innovation Grant Applicant Process Underway

Applications for the next round of Innovation Grants will be accepted through the close of business on Wednesday, December 5, 2012. Read the First Year Goals and Objectives and the Innovation Grant Application for more information.

PACE Grant Helping with Remediation Cost Containment

The net effect of remediation includes more hurdles of time and additional costs to both the student and government for an already vulnerable population. Read more here about how NWACC is reducing remediation costs through its Pathway to Accelerated Completion and Employment (PACE) grant.

NWACC Sustainability Model

Working Assumptions: Sustainability at NWACC encompasses a broad, comprehensive view of all the existing efforts that are focused on "sustaining" something we value for the great common good of the community. Read more here about how these impact cost containment.

Sustainability Steering Committee Minutes

Dr. Steve Gates, Senior Vice President for Learning & Provost, welcomed all members and thanked them for their volunteerism. The team reviewed the roles and scope of the committee and discussed the importance of orienting themselves toward a broad and holistic view of sustainability. Read more here about the team's primary role to steer the institution's overall sustainability initiatives.

Cost Containment: Sustainability Efforts - August 2012

The progress and plans concerning NWACC's sustainability efforts can be found within the following links. The first provides a framework, a model for our approach at NWACC with the five major pillars, including profits/savings.  The progress report is from the task force.  They completed about half the work, but gave us a good start and gained more support.  Then you see a retreat summary from this summer and last the new steering committee role and scope.  We hope to launch this group soon.  I am looking for some faculty and staff who can make good interdisciplinary connections and have an interest in this area.  Let me know if you have folks to recommend, from anywhere in the college.

Helping Community Colleges Integrate Green

See what's happening here on cutting-edge framework.