Physical Therapist Assistant Program




"The PTA program has not only prepared me for a career as a PTA, but it has also helped me form bonds within the physical therapy community as well as with my classmates.  Truly an experience I will never forget."

Callie 2013


"There are so many interesting facets of physical therapy and career opportunities.  I don't even know existed prior to starting the program.  The faculty's passion for patient care and desire to cultivate well-rounded, prepared PTAs is evident in every classroom and lab activity.  I'm looking forward to using all the knowledge I've gleaned to help patients regain their functional abilities!"

Tara 2013


"This is a great program!  It is challenging on many levels but you will emerge knowledgeable and prepared for whatever comes at you pertaining to PT.  I do feel that it not only teaches you about PT but it also teaches you a lot about who you are.  I'm fairly young and I have never made a big commitment to anything, this program showed me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.  There were times when I was down or just tired and fed up, but I knew I couldn't quit.  So here I am today at my first clinical internship having a great time and expanding my knowledge.  It is definitely worth it in the end especially if your goal all along was to help people.  Good Luck to all those who decide to make a commitment to the program, you will preserver!"

Colby 2007


"The PTA profession is an excellent choice for you if you love working with people and care about the health and care people are provided with. I do not think that there is a better program with better instructors than the PTA program at NWACC.  Everyone really cares about your success and about you.  It has been a really great experience for me to use the knowledge that I have learned in school and apply it to an actual clinical setting. The instructors really prepared us for what it takes to be a PTA. It is a hard program, but well worth it in the end."

Tabitha 2007


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