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Due May 19, 2014 for entrance into Summer 2014

Due August 18, 2014  for entrance into Fall 2014


Basic Information

There are no prerequisites for AHSC 1213. You will learn basic patient care skills in providing care for residents of long term care facilities. Class is divided between lecture and hands on lab. You will practice skills like checking blood pressure, safely moving people, and providing personal care for them. Lecture/lab will be 2 days a week in the spring and fall semesters, 3 days a week in the summer. Clinical is in a long term care facility in addition to the lecture/lab during the week. Clinical is 3 eight hour days. Upon completion of this class you will receive your CNA Certificate of Training and be eligible to take the State Nurse Assistant Exam. Upon passing this exam you will receive your State Certification.

The State C.N.A. Exam will be held at NWACC towards the end of each semester. The cost for the exam is $89. This exam is in 2 parts: a written exam and a practical exam. You will be well prepared for this exam after completing AHSC 1213.

The prerequisite for AHSC 1223 PCA is to pass AHSC 1213 or have a current CNA state certification. You will learn more advanced skills, based on what you learned in AHSC 1213. Some of the skills you will learn include: checking blood sugars, cardiac monitoring, and caring for post-op patients. Class is the same as C.N.A., lecture and lab 2 or days a week. Clinical is in a hospital setting in addition to the lecture/lab during the week. Clinical is 3-4 eight hour days. Upon completion of this course you will have become CPR certified and receive your PCA certificate of training.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Prior to class starting you will need to complete the application and all of the listed requirements which include a current TB skin test, proof of childhood immunizations, and state and federal background check as well as drug screening. These are requirements that all the local hospitals require before any student can attend clinical. This is somewhat time consuming and must be completed before the first day of class. Thus, you need to talk with the Lead Instructor before the semester starts.
Expenses are listed on the application form which can be found at under academics, academic divisions, health professions, and then C.N.A./PCA.


Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Students develop specific health care competencies in safety, infection control, vital signs, and working with geriatric resident in long term care facilities. Upon successful completion of this 3 credit hour course, students are eligible to take the State Nurse Assistant Certification Exam.

(Check current College Catalog for tuition/fee costs.)


Patient Care Assistant Plus (PCA+)

This course builds on the skills obtained in the CNA course. More advanced skills are learned in an acute care setting. Upon completion of this 3 hour credit course students will have their CPR certification.

(Check current College Catalog for tuition/fee costs.)



Medication Assistant (MAC)

Qualified applicants will attend a 6 credit hour course to gain skills and knowledge in order to administer medications in a nursing home under the supervision of a licensed nurse. Upon completion, students will be eligible to take the Arkansas State Board of Nursing Medication Assistant Certification Exam.


In order for this class to be offered, there must be at least 4 students to register for this class. If there are not enough the class will be cancelled for that particular semester.


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