Degree and Certificate Options


Associate of Applied Science Degrees
Environmental and Regulatory Science - Environmental Management
Environmental and Regulatory Science - Safety, Health and Hazardous Materials
Environmental and Regulatory Science - Safety, Health, & Hazardous Materials Management ONLINE

Technical Certificate in Environmental Regulatory Science
Technical Certificate in Environmental Management and Regulatory Science
Certificate of Proficiency in Safety and Health
Certificate of Proficiency in Environmental Management/GIS Technician

Standard Course Outlines
ENSC 1003 Environmental Science
ENSC 1001L Environmental Science Laboratory
ENSC 2003 Environmental Management
ENSC 2001L Environmental Management Laboratory
ENSC 2204 Introduction to Soil Science
ENSC 2233 Instrumentation, Sampling and Analysis: Air Quality
ENSC 2243 Instrumentation, Sampling and Analysis: Water Quality
ENSC 2303 Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response
ENSC 2301L Hazardous Materials Control and Emergency Response Laboratory
ENSC 2413 Environmental Compliance Documentation
ENSC 2703 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
ENSC 2453 Internship in Environmental Science
ENSC 2911 Environmental Special Problems
ENSC 2913 Environmental Special Problems
OSHA 2003 Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health
OSHA 2203 OSHA - General Industry Standards
OSHA 2533 Safety and Health Risk Management
BOTY 2534 Environmental Biology


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