Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Baking Course Descriptions

BAKG 1003 Introduction to Baking

This course introduces the student to the ingredients, procedures and processes of basic baking.  The course includes concepts in formulas, measuring and scaling and the chemical reactions of basic doughs, cakes and batters.  Prerequisites:  CULY 1003.

BAKG 1103 Classical Pastries and Desserts

This class involves the study and practice of creating classic European style pastries and desserts. Topics will include cakes and tortes, laminated dough, sugar and chocolate decorating techniques, including stenciling, piping, marzipan, pastillage and fondant. Also included are enhanced dessert presentation and soufflé and ice cream making. Prerequisites: CULY 1003, BAKG 1003.

BAKG 1203 Artisan Breads

This course provides study and practice of the baking art of  yeast bread techniques, including basic yeast bread, artisan bread, enriched bread and sourdough bread production. Prerequisites: CULY 1003, BAKG 1003.

BAKG 1303 Cakes and Cake Decorating

This course will include the study and practice of the baking art of cake production and decorating techniques, including mixing, cake formula balance, scaling, panning, baking, altitude adjustments, formulas, icings, assembling and icing simple cakes, basic decorating techniques, planning and assembling specialty cakes and procedures for popular cakes including wedding cakes. Prerequisites: CULY 1003, BAKG 1003.

BAKG 2103 Bakeshop Operations

Students will participate in providing a variety of baked goods for sale at various outlets determined by the program. This will include providing goods at any student operated cafĂ©, catered event or promotional event. The student will be given the opportunity to use their personal creativity and decision making skills to provide quality products in a real world setting.  Prerequisites: CULY1003, HOSP 1303, BAKG 1003, BAKG 1103.

BAKG 2203 Chocolates and Confections

In this class students will develop the skills necessary to produce a wide range of high-quality confections, from truffles to more complicated nougats and fondant centered candies.  Students will be introduced to a new concepts such as emulsion and  re-crystallization and draw on previously learned skills. Prerequisites: CULY 1003, BAKG 1003, BAKG 1103

BAKG 2303 Advance Cake Decorating

In this course students will build on the skills learned in BAKG 1303, to learn a wide variety of decorating techniques including elaborate gumpaste work, detailed piping skills, making and using fondant, airbrushing skills, figurine ,molding and 3-D sculpted cakes. Prerequisites: CULY 1003, HOSP 1303, BAKG 1003, BAKG 1103, BAKG 2203

BAKG 2403 Baking Internship

This course entails a supervised work experience in the major field, which provides the opportunity to make practical application of the knowledge and skills attained.  An individualized instructional management plan will determine goals to be accomplished.  Seminars may also be required.  Please see the Program director for an internship application. The internship requires 120 verified work hours.  Prerequisites: Permission from Program Director.