Learner Support Services

Divisional Academic Advisors

Christy Reynolds

Business/Computer Information Advisor

  • AAS Business Degrees & Certificate Programs
  • AAS CAD and Computer Degrees & Certificate Programs

Darcy Williams
Health Professions Advisor

  • All Health Professions Degree & Certificate Programs


Jennifer Cook

Communication & Arts Departmental Advisor

  • AA students with last names I - Z
  • General Communication & Arts department inquiries

Melissa Smith
Math & Science Advisor

  • AAS Electronics Technology
  • AAS Environmental Science Degrees & Certificate Programs
Mary Lowe
  • AAS Paralegal Degree & Certificate Programs

Jerry Rose

  • AAS Criminal Justice Degree & Certificate Programs

Rebecca Evans

  • AAS Early Childhood Education Degree & Certificate Programs

Victor Chalfant

  • Graphic Design

Rosemary Kleiner and Anna Bock

  • Culinary Arts/Hospitality programs



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