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Choosing a Degree, Career, or Major

Advising Information for Undecided Students

Word Cloud with Advising TermsDeciding what you want to do with your life can be an overwhelming decision. Many students start their college careers undecided or unsure what area they want to study. It is also very common for students to change their major more than once or spend some time exploring majors. We advise undeclared majors and assist all students in exploring their interests and academic options early in their college career.

Here is a list of the various Degrees & Certificates that we offer at NWACC. This is a great start in answering the questions you might have about different career and educational opportunities and deciding what interests you most. There are many paths you can take in life, and we want to help you find your fit.

If you are an undeclared student, we strongly recommend that you meet with an advisor at least once a semester to explore how your interests can lead to a major or career. NWACC also offers a full Career Development Center to help you explore careers and find a job.

Free Career Assessment Tool

Students can take a free eParachute career assessment (based on the best selling book What Color is Your Parachute?) found within their myNWACC Connection account. This student tool that combines time-tested self-inventory methods with powerful algorithms to help you chart a career path that works for your interests, abilities, and values.

To access, follow these steps:
  1. Log into their myNWACC Connection account
  2. Scroll down and select the Resources tab - additional options will then show.
  3. Select Career Assessment from the list options (see screenshot below).

  eParachute Career Assessment location within myNWACC Connection








 eParachute infographic with steps


What can I do with this major?

Maybe you know what you like and enjoy to do but not which major or degree you should choose to get there - What Can I Do With This Major? can help you connect majors and degrees to real-world careers.


  • ​Search by major, career categories, or keyword
  • View examples of employers who hire certain majors/degrees
  • Get information and strategies to prepar for employment in your chosen major/degree field.


Other tools for exploring careers and majors

Career Development Center
Career Exploration and Assessments, Career Readiness Workshops, Career Fair, and more.

O*Net Online
Great tool for career exploration. Includes detailed descriptions of 1000's of jobs and career types, including salary information, expected job growth, education requirements for specific careers and more.

Arkansas Works
A College & Career Planning System. Explore by interest and level of education/training.

Additional Resources

Change Degree/Major Form
There are always options. If you get started down a path that seems like it might not be your best fit, this is the tool you can use to change your major and find your best option. Be sure to work with your advisor.

Suggested Courses for Undecided Students
Are you undecided on a major, but still plan on transferring to earn a "four-year" bachelors degree? This guide provides a list of general education courses that are "highly transferrable" into the majority of bachelors degrees. See your advisor for more info on using this while deciding on your eventual concentration or career.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Information from the US Government on all occupations and careers (including job salary and anticipated growth in job fields).