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Degree Audit

How to Perform your own degree audit


These steps will allow you to perform a personalized degree audit to track your degree progress. The audit will display your completed requirements as well as your un-met requirements (and your course options for completing them). 

Please note: the audit will be performed on your currently declared NWACC degree/major.

Please be aware that if the audit displayed is not for your current degree/major, that you will need to perform a "what-if" audit for the degree/major you are actually following. You will also need to contact Student Records to update your degree on file.


1.  From www.nwacc.edu Select My NWACC Connection:

Webpage Header with arrow showing myNWACC Connection

2.  Enter your Username and Password:

My NWACC Connection Login Page with Arrows showing Login Username and Password

3.  Select Eaglenet:

 My NWACC Connection LaunchPad with Arrow Showing Eaglenet

4.  Select Student:

 Eaglenet with Arrow Pointing to Student Option

5.  Select My Degree:

 Eaglenet showing My Degree option

6.  Select the Process New button, review the legend and check the information in the header for accuracy.

Notice for Health Professions AAS Students: Students pursuing any of the AAS degrees in Health Professions should skip to step 10 and perform a "What-If" audit for an accurate degree audit.

 Degree Works Audit Sample


7.  The audit will show what classes are required and will apply the classes already completed:

 Degree Audit Sample with Sample Unmet Course Requirements

8.  Classes not used, test scores and any notes are located at the bottom of the audit:

 Sample Audit with Unused Classes Location

9.  To apply classes to a different degree run a What-If option by Selecting the What-If Link

 Degree Works "What If" button location

10.  Select Degree, Catalog Year, Program and Major then Select Process What-if:  

 Degree Audit Degree and Major Selection Options

11.  To calculate projected term GPA based on anticipated grades select the GPA Tab and then on Term Calculator. Enter anticipated grades for each course and then selecting Calculate: 

 Degree Works GPA Calculator Sample