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Career Services Center

Welcome to the Career Services Center!

"Building a career is like mining for gold. You have to keep chipping away until you
discover what you're meant to do."
    ~ Dan Schawbel

With so many occupational choices these days, it's normal and natural to feel overwhelmed, nervous, and/or scared when it comes to trying to figure out which career to pursue. The best plan of action is to get help from the Career Services Center early during your academic journey.  

 Careers are Made of Many Influences

An experienced Career Services Coordinator is available to meet with students and alumni members regarding choosing a major/degree program, career exploration, and internship and job searches. 

Our primary goal is to connect students and alumni members to valuable resources necessary to prepare them with starting their career as well as to be successful in the workplace. By partnering with the Career Services Coordinator, you benefit from personalized guidance on setting and maintaining academic and career goals, gaining self and industry awareness, establishing strong career networks, and making informed and fulfilling decisions.

No matter where you are in the major/career search process, we encourage you to dedicate time to meet with the Career Services Coordinator to fully utilize all resources in maximizing your opportunities as soon as possible to be successful.

With this in mind, the services we provide are:

  ·    Individual assistance with cover letters, resumes, and practice interviews;
  ·    Access to the Virtual Career Center, an online job portal;
  ·    Workshops about various topics such as dress for success, interviewing, creating 
a successful LinkedIn profile, etc.
  ·    Monthly internships/employment recruiting events;
  ·    Annual Majors/Career Fairs;
  ·    Personal guidance with major/career exploration;
  ·    One-on-one  career coaching– Job Readiness Certification opportunity;
  ·    Administering skills/interest assessments such as the Kuder, MBTI, etc.; and
  ·    Personalized assistance with your specific education plan.

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updates and discussions.