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Retail Institute


Northwest Arkansas is the home to some of the largest retailers in the nation! Northwest Arkansas Community College has specialized programs to capitalize on the growing career opportunities in the retail industry. The Retail Institute offers uniquely structured programs that provide practical academic education to ease their entry into the exciting world of retail employment. Career development, be it an entry level Analyst position or advanced training for seasoned retail professional. Our courses are designed to maximize your career goals through advanced Vendor Development classes or seminars and fast track professional certifications.

The Marketing Analyst Program is a non-credit continuing education program that prepares graduates for an entry level position as a Retail Analyst. Emphases include fundamental principles of retail, communications skills, MS Office Analysis using Retail Link, merchandising and data analysis. In addition to the entry-level program, we offer advanced classes in category management and Actionable Analysis for industry professionals looking to move either upwardly or laterally within the retail community.

Our specialized study in Retail Management is designed to give you, the students, an excellent business education to help you better market yourselves and to help you advance in your careers. The degree is comprised of :

General Education courses (15-16 credit hours)

A Business Management Certification (27 credit hours)

A Retail Management Certification (21 credit hours)

**Classes Available Online**

Upon completion of these courses you will earn a two-year college degree in Business Management with a specialization in Retail Management.


AAS Degree in Business Management-Retail