Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development

Demonstration Kitchen

Located on the first floor of the Shewmaker Center for Global Business Development, the demonstration kitchen will feature exhibitions of culinary talent for audiences of all ages. A hybrid between a commercial kitchen and a typical television demo kitchen, this area will offer a unique venue for intimate, informal interaction among chefs and guests. Through formal credit classes or personal enrichment workshops, the demonstration kitchen will allow our area's finest chefs to share their talents with our community. It will also provide ample space for catering endeavors by NWACC's culinary arts students. The state-of-the-art learning laboratory located in this center will open up to a 75-seat auditorium, which will be equipped with flat panel television screens to better view the demonstrations.



Chef Lou Rice

The hospitality and food service industries are two of the fastest growing industries in the world. The demand for professional chefs and hospitality managers is expected to far exceed the supply within the next ten years; therefore, NWACC has addressed these growing needs by offering a certificate of proficiency in hospitality management and a technical certificate in culinary arts. NWACC's programs prepare tomorrow's professional for all levels of the hospitality industry, including but not limited to restaurant manager, hotel manager, food distributor, restaurateur, and event planner.

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