English for Bilingual Students

English for Bilingual Students (ENGB) is a bridge program supporting students for whom English is not a first or familial language. NWACC welcomes the growing number of international and immigrant students in Northwest Arkansas and provides an avenue for success in higher education or the workplace. The goal of this program is to offer courses that strengthen English skills while students simultaneously take recommended general education courses. All ENGB courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of bilingual students. All ENGB course provide vocabulary and grammar enrichment. Students should meet with an advisor about enrolling in the appropriate freshman level general education courses while in this program.

ENGB courses count as institutional credit hours and are used to figure grade point average (GPA) but do not count toward a degree.

Please check the NWACC website (www. nwacc.edu) or latest printed schedule for current scheduling and course options. 

For More Information about ENGB and other services that are available for non native speakers contact:

Gloria Mallow
Program Coordinator/Instructor

For any questions or comments please e-mail us at engb@nwacc.edu