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Psychology in Germany

Houses on a Street

Take a five week General Psychology (PSYC 2003) online class during the summer term and for 10 days, study abroad in Germany!

During your time in Germany, visit cities where many famous psychologists studied, worked and lived. Experience the people and topics you learn about in the classroom.

The program is open to students and members of the community and may be taken for college credit or audit. As a student, you may be eligible for financial aid for the summer term.

In collaboration with the Study Abroad Association (SAA), you will have an on-site representative from both SAA and NWACC. 

You'll visit the following:

  • Berlin (Humbolth University with the Human Development Department)
  • Weimar and Buchenwald concentration camp (social psychology)
  • Leipzig (instruments from Wundt's first psychology lab)
  • Nürnberg (adoption of psychology code of ethics)
  • Rothenburg (medieval town, torture museum - social psychology)
  • Würburg (History of Psychology Museum)
  • Heidelberg (university city with the Philosophers Trail)
  • Frankfurt

Trip Itinerary

Approximately $3,575 includes:

  • Round trip air transportation (approximately $1,500)
  • Accommodations onsite
  • Breakfast meals included
  • Day trip excursions related to the program's curriculum
  • Admission to sites & attractions that are part of the program's curriculum
  • Project supplies and materials
  • Health and extraction insurance

  • Tuition / fees for three hour NWACC course
  • New passport application fees (if applicable)
  • Visa fee (if applicable)
  • Optional excursions
  • Immediate medical expenses
  • Textbooks
  • Meals

June 5 - June 14, 2020

Participants sign up for the summer courses PSYC 2003 General Psychology (online class). Classes may be audited (AU) with permission of the instructor(s).  Community members may audit the class with permission of the instructor(s).

Karen Tinker-Walker

Karen Tinker-Walker
Burns Hall 2205

Dr. Tinker-Walker's universities attended and degrees include:
Diplom Ingenieurin (I) der Architektur, 1988 at GhK—University, Kassel, Germany; BA in Psychology, 1992 at University of Arkansas at Little Rock; MA in Applied Psychology, 1997 at University of Arkansas at Little Rock; PhD in Organizational Psychology, 2004 at Capella University, Minneapolis, MA.

Her work experience includes: Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1992 – 1993; Research Assistant,1993-1994, assisted with advising, conducted focus groups and research in environmental psychology at the Donaghey Project--Urban Studies and Design in Little Rock, AR; Work Program Supervisor and Marketing Specialist, 1994 – 1997 at the Department of Human Services in Fayetteville, AR; Part-time Instructor,1998 – 2004 at NWACC and Webster University at Fayetteville, AR; Assistant Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Advisor to the Psychology Department 2004 – 2007 and acting Director of I/O Psychology program for one semester at Emporia State University, Kansas; Teaching at NWACC since 2007.

Dr. Tinker-Walker feels fortunate to be at NWACC and grateful for the opportunity to serve as adjunct faculty representative, particularly on the Leadership Council and Faculty Council for over 5 years as a part-time instructor and then conducting an adjunct faculty survey at NWACC that led to her doctoral research project on adjunct faculty of Arkansas colleges. She loves teaching at NWACC and living in northwest Arkansas. She describes it as a dream come true. As a child, she wanted to be a dancer, a doctor, a teacher, among other dreams of hers. She has become all of these, whereby her dancing remained a hobby, her doctorate is in psychology, and she facilitates learning to adults of all ages. She likes bringing across her insights and experiences, giving students guidance with their careers and life, and assisting them in reaching their potentials.

NWACC makes studying abroad accessible to students through financial aid, scholarships, payment plans and other options. Learn more about various financial options and accessing the payment portal.