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Accomplish Your Goals with a Success Coach

NWACC's Office of Success provides Success Coaches to students in an effort to keep them on track and reach their education and life goals. Success Coaches assist in developing the necessary skills to earn a degree or certificate, all while balancing the demands of life. 

Success Coaches can assist you with the following:

  • Finding your motivation and connecting your everyday assignments to your educational goals
  • Getting connected to resources on and off campus that can help you succeed academically
  • Prioritizing and managing tasks to help you balance school, work, and life 
  • Note-taking before, during, and after class (the Cornell method)
  • Test preparation that engages your body and mind and can help you control anxiety
  • Budgeting personal finances, including your financial options for college

Success Coaches will stay connected with you and offer the guidance and support you may need to succeed. 

Make an Appointment With a Success Coach: 

To schedule an appointment, please contact the Office of Success at  If you have worked with a Success Coach previously, you may contact them directly. 

Appointments are also available at the Washington County Center. When scheduling an appointment, please specify that you would like it at the Washington County Center.


Need Help with your Degree Plan?

For help with your academic needs and degree planning, check out our Advising page.