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The NWACC Spring Arts and Culture Festival (SACF) is a multi-day, interdisciplinary festival that brings together artists, academics, intellectuals and other members of the NWA and NWACC community to reflect on the theme of 20/20 Vision.

Interested in proposing an event for this year's festival theme of 20/20 Vision? Feel free to check out our tips on proposing, planning and presenting at SACF, and then fill out the below event proposal form

Event Organizer

The event organizer serves as a liaison between SACF and the event participants and is responsible for completing any necessary confirmation forms, responding to requests for information, and maintaining an open line between SACF and the event participants.

Event Information
Create a brief, specific title. The title should briefly identity the content, be able to stand alone, and give a clear idea of what will happen in the session.
Event Format
Please limit your description to 600 characters. If your event is accepted, an event description will appear in the festival’s program schedule and online, so please clearly and concisely explain the focus of your event and what attendees can expect from the event, and write in the present tense.
Please explain how the event connects to SACF’s 2020 theme of 20/20 Vision.
If the event will cost money, please provide an estimate of the expenses.
Technical needs
Please indicate which of the following will be needed for the event.
Please provide information for each of your proposed event participants. If you plan to have more than five people involved, please add additional names and information in the box at the end of this form.
Most events will last one hour and fifteen minutes and be scheduled throughout the day, afternoon, and night on March 2 - March 5. Some events like films or plays may last longer.
If you have a picture or image you would like SACF to include in the online schedule, social media posts and website, please submit the image and a brief caption to
Additional Information