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Other International Visa Holders

International Visa holders will need to take the following steps to take courses at NWACC:

To protect the privacy of your information and to comply with U.S. Department of Education regulations, we can no longer accept documents by email.

Once we have received all five items listed above and validate authenticity of each, we will award an acceptance letter.

  • Take Accuplacer Test if you have never attended a U.S. institution before.  If you have at least 24 U.S. credit hours then you may skip this step.
  • Schedule an appointment with the Advising Office; you may do this before receiving official acceptance.
  • Enroll in desired courses at NWACC.

All new international students on any Visa other than F-1 or J-1 will be charged international tuition rate.  However, we can change this based on your living location if you request it before classes begin. Please email a proof of living location to InternationalAdmissions@nwacc.edu

  • Examples: Utility bill, rental agreement, spouses non-immigrant paperwork (if you are a dependent in the U.S.), driver's license, etc.

* Anyone on a B Visa must complete the steps for
First-Time International Student to study at NWACC*