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International Credit Evaluations

All documents submitted to the International Programs office must be translated into English. To save on cost, it is best to obtain all necessary documentation for acceptance at NWACC, and request a translation from one of the supplied locations.  Some courses may need descriptions provided to the evaluating agency. The agency will notify you if this is the case. 

The following organizations will evaluate foreign transcripts for a price. It is the student's responsibility to have transcripts, diplomas, financial statements, and/or dependent documents translated prior to submission. If you are transferring to another institution, please note that although NWACC accepts evaluations from these evaluators, it does not guarantee acceptance by another institution. 

These are the organizations that NWACC is currently accepting, also any other agency listed on NACES - National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.


Phone Number



Average Time

World Education Services, Inc.

(212) 966-6311


5 Business Days

e-Val Reports

(206) 257-4249



5 Business Days


(713) 266-8805


10 Business Days

International Academic Credential Evaluations, Inc.

(940) 383-7498


10 Business Days

University of Arkansas

(479) 575-6246



12 Business Days

American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

(202) 296-3359


12 Business Days

International Education Evaluations, Inc.

(704) 722-0109


12 Business Days

Global Credential Evaluators, Inc.

(800) 707-0979

(301) 421-4581


15 Business Days

Global Services Associates, Inc.

(310) 828-5709


20 Business Days

Education Credential Evaluations, Inc.

(414) 289-3400


30 Calendar Days

Note: Pricing and expected processing times may change. You need to contact each agency for current charges and schedules.  Any student intending to transfer to the University of Arkansas - Fayetteville should use their translation services to save money, and it is important to tell them your intention to transfer there after NWACC.