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Tuition Costs, Payment, and Transfer Credits

Tuition Costs and How to Pay:
High school students enrolled in courses on campus (not through Early College Experience) pay full college tuition based on their residency and NWACC’s tuition schedule, which can be found on our Enrollment page. 

Payment or payment plan is due prior to classes starting, and payments are to be made directly to the college through NWACC’s Office of the Treasurer.

Students are responsible for purchasing the required textbooks. Textbooks can be purchased at the Barnes and Noble bookstore located on the first floor of the Becky Panietz Student Center.

Class Drops / Withdrawals and Refunds:
An appointment with an NWACC concurrent advisor is required to withdraw from a class. 

If withdrawing, please keep in mind that there are dropping deadlines in order to obtain a 100% refund, an 80% refund, or dropping with no refund and a grade of “W” for each course. 

Refund time periods are posted on the NWACC academic calendar

Student attendance is very important. Students who are not participating in class are subject to the non-participation policy that can affect refund amounts for classes.

Students dropped for non-payment can only be re-registered by contacting a concurrent advisor.

When Withdrawal Affects Future Financial Aid:
Withdrawing from a course only affects a student’s future eligibility for financial aid when it’s done after the 100% refund date.

Federal Law requires that all college coursework be measured to determine academic success, including concurrent and dual enrollment courses.

Before each academic year (Fall-Summer), colleges and universities will review grades including concurrent courses taken in high school to make sure students maintain a 2.0 GPA and a 67% course completion rate. If not, students will have until the end of the high school career to bring their GPA and/or course completion up or potentially be denied financial aid after high school. Failing a course and not completing a course carries the same consequence.