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Make an Appointment with Enrollment Services

Make an Appointment with Enrollment Services

QLess & Enrollment Services

NWACC has partnered with QLess to offer a convenient way to make virtual appointments with enrollment services staff and advisors and get help with advising, financial aid, student records and admissions. Once you sign into QLess and make your appointment, you'll receive convenient notifications on your wait time.

Questions? Contact enrollment advisors by emailing enrollmentsupport@nwacc.edu or texting 479-309-5532. 

Meet with an Advisor & Enrollment Staff

Enrollment advisors are here to help with admissions, advising, financial aid, student records and more!

Walk-In / Call-In Advising - No Appointment Necessary

  • Enrollment advisors are available to assist you in Bentonville, Springdale and remotely through phone or video calls, Mon. - Thurs., 8 AM - 4:30 PM. The Enrollment Office is closed on Fridays during the summer (May 15 - Aug. 5).
  • No appointment is needed, but please be aware of possible wait times. You will be assisted in the order that you sign in and will receive updates on your wait time via text message. 
  • Use QLess to join the phone advising line or the in-person lines in Bentonville or Springdale.

Scheduled Advising Appointments (In-Person and Remote)

  • Advisors are also available for scheduled in-person advising appointments, Mon. - Thurs., 8 AM - 4:30 PM in Bentonville or Springdale or remotely (phone or video call). The Enrollment Office is closed on Fridays during the summer (May 15 - Aug. 5).
  • Use QLess to schedule your appointment. 
  • For remote appointments, please review the Microsoft Teams for Virtual Advising Guide before your appointment.

Connect with an Advisor

How QLESS works:

QLess Steps

 Two Ways to Sign In:

- Download the QLess App

- Use this link: Virtual Line

Manage your spot in line with text commands:

  • – request more time
  • L – leave the line
  • H – help
  • C – cancel your appointment (if you have booked an appointment time using FlexAppointments)
  • N# – notify me X number of minutes before I reach the front of the line


Connect with an Advisor