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Integrated Education & Training

The workplace is constantly evolving - new jobs are requiring advanced technical skills, and experience with digital tools.

Through the Integrated Education and Training (IET) program, NWACC's Adult Education responds to the changing demands of business and industry and preparing adults for the workforce. IET programs are being developed across the state of Arkansas. 

By combining basic academic skills and career and technical training into an integrated curriculum, IET provides a pathway for adults to quickly earn higher-paying jobs.

Adults work simultaneously toward earning an Arkansas high school diploma as well as the credentials for high-demand, high-skilled occupations.

IET offers the following: 

  • Integrated support services to help students succeed
  • Instruction on basic skills in the context of the chosen vocational field
  • Classes taught by instructional teams, pairing adult education instructors with instructors from professional-technical fields

Feel free to contact the Adult Education Center for further information on IET programs offered at NWACC.