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Adult Education Honor Society

The National Adult Education Honor Society (NAEHS) is a national honors organization for adult learners. It provides meaningful recognition to adult education students, improves student employment opportunities, develops student ambassadors for local adult education programs, and creates awareness with school administrators and state legislators.

NAEHS was founded in Kentucky in 1991 to recognize the sacrifices and efforts of adult students. The organization has grown nationwide.

The NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) chapter was organized in 2004, and was the first and remains the only chapter in the state of Arkansas.

To be eligible for membership, a student must be enrolled in NWACC's Adult Education Program.

Membership requirements include:

  • Attendance:
    • Attend class regularly
    • Arrive on time
    • Complete a minimum of 12 hours in the classroom.
  • Cooperation:
    • Respect other ideas and values
    • Participate actively
    • Work harmoniously with teachers and students
  • Self-Reliance:
    • Come to class prepared to learn
    • Set goals and follow through
    • Takes responsibility for your own learning
  • Achievement:
    • Demonstrate achievement through academic advancement on TABE and/or BEST
    • Pass the GED exam or earn U.S. citizenship

Honor society induction ceremonies are held every Spring semester. Honor society members wear honor cords when participating in the program’s graduation ceremony.