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College Preparation Program

The College Preparedness Program through the Adult Education Center provides instruction in basic reading, writing, and math skills for students pursuing college enrollment but whose assessment scores fall into the non-credit, developmental math, reading, and writing ranges on the Accuplacer test.

This program helps students gain college-ready academic skills so that when re-taking the Accuplacer test, students are placed into college-level credit courses.

Since the Adult Education classes are tuition-free, college-bound students are able to save their tuition dollars for credit classes.

This course emphasizes integers, decimals, percents, fractions, ratios, and proportion. It prepares students to move forward into a first developmental algebra course by introducing variables, evaluating variable expressions, and solving first degree equations. Elementary geometry, reading graphs, critical thinking, and problem solving skills support the AMATYC and NCTM standards. Some calculator use is incorporated.

The beginning algebra course covers linear equations and inequalities, and quadratic equations, graphing lines in a plane, slope, exponential properties, polynomial operations, factoring, rational operations, and emphasizing interwoven problem solving.

The intermediate algebra course covers exponents and radicals, systems of linear equations and inequalities, radical, quadratic, and rational equations and compound inequalities in one variable, line graphs and parabolas, function concepts including domain and range, and interwoven problem solving. Graphing calculator used.

This class focuses on improving reading comprehension for the adult student who plans to attend college. Learning outcomes: improve reading comprehension, identify and distinguish between main ideas and supporting details, improve vocabulary, take notes from written texts, and score at a higher level on the COMPASS and TABE tests.

This class is designed to teach adult learners to communicate effectively at the college level using standard written english. Such skills include: grammar, sentence basics, paragraph and essay writing, persuasive, reflective, and analytical writing, and writing in response to a prompt. The semester will conclude with a 3-5 page research paper with bibliography.

This class helps students advance in their English skills, so they can move into a two or four year college with ease. Students who are interested in higher level ESL, but are not interested in attending college are also welcome. This class focuses on reading and writing in English as well as listening and speaking.