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Learn About Yourself. Learn About the World.
Social and Behavioral Science

Learn About Yourself. Learn About the World.
Social and Behavioral Science

Social and Behavioral Science

The Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences can help you start the career you want in a broad range of fields. Whether you're ready to make an impact on your community, work with children as an advocate, or protect and uphold the law as a paralegal, we have a program for you.

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Students can work towards earning credits for an associates of applied science, technical certificates, certificates of proficiency and transfer degree plans or earn credits in general education courses like anthropology, history, philosophy, psychology, geography, social work, political science, and sociology. Whatever your goals for your future, there is a path for you.

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Behavioral Science

Learn about several disciplines that can teach you how to examine the world through human actions and interactions while also offering a transfer degree plan.

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Social Science

Start your transfer degree plan and engage in enriching courses to learn critical thinking skills while examining current issues or past events in the fields of Geography, History, Philosophy, and Political Science.

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Stay active and stay healthy with a variety of wellness and fitness classes and options. 

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