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What Math Class Should You Take?

There are two major factors that go into determining which math classes you choose - your current math skills and your future academic goals. Use these guidelines to help you determine the math courses and sequence that you should follow.

Start with Placement

Before you can plan your math courses, you need to know where to start! At NWACC, your math placement is based on your standardized exam scores. This will determine which math classes you can start with. Check the Testing Center, Placement Chart, or contact the Math Advisor for your placement!


Determine Your Academic Goal

Once you know which math level to start with, you'll need to understand where you are headed. We offer different courses and sequences depending on which level of math you need to reach for your major and academics goal.


Follow a Math Sequence

Now that you know where to start and where you're headed, you can select the math sequence to follow. Your academic goals determine the math sequence you select and your placement determines where you start in the sequence. It is always best to check with your advisor to ensure you are following the right sequence.

STEM Sequence

Choose this if you are planning to transfer and/or earn a degree or certificate in a non-STEM major and don't plan on taking calculus, finite, or statistics. Works for Fine Arts or Social Science.

STEM Sequence

Business Sequence

Planning to transfer for a four-year business degree? Works for College Algebra, Finite, Survey of Calculus, Data Analysis, and Interpretation.

Business Sequence