Physical Therapy Assistant Coursework: NorthWest Arkansas Community College

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Achieve Success With a PTA Degree Plan.

NWACC provides students with a guided path to earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree and become a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

Once Accepted into the PTA Hybrid Program:

  • Students begin the technical phase of the PTA Program curriculum in January of each year.
  • Following completion of the Spring courses, students will attend Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters.
  • The second Summer semester consists of full-time clinical internships. 

About Clinicals:

  • Clinical placement may be subject to a criminal background check, drug screening and other clinical facility policies.
  • Students are required to go to health care institutions outside of Northwest Arkansas for clinical internships at the student's expense.

In Addition to the Below Curriculum:

  • Students will be required to complete 20 hours per semester of service learning for regional non-profit agencies.

Degree Plan

AAS in Physical Therapists Assistant - Hybrid 

PTA Curriculum:

17 hours of General Education courses required for application to the program:

BIOL 2214 Anatomy and Physiology I
HIM 1001 Intro to Medical Terminology
ENGL 1013 Composition I
PSYC 2003 General Psychology
CISQ 1103 Intro to Computer Information OR HIM 1123 Electronic Health Records
MATH 1203 College Algebra Accelerated OR MATH 1003 Survey of Technical Math

17 hours General Education courses required to be completed BEFORE or DURING the first spring semester of the program:

ENGL 1023 Composition II
BIOL 2224 Anatomy and Physiology II
PHTA 2105 Clinical Kinesiology
PHTA 2213 Pathophysiological Conditions
PHTA 2252 Life Span

PHTA 2101 Basic Principles of Physical Therapy
PHTA 2121 Basic Principles of Physical Therapy Lab
PHTA 2114 Basic PT Tests and Measures
PHTA 2112 Basic PT Tests and Measures Lab
PHTA 2332 Special Topics

PHTA 2231 Theory and Treatment
PHTA 2232 Theory and Treatment Lab
PHTA 2283 Physical Therapy Procedures I
PHTA 2202 Physical Therapy Proc I Lab
PHTA 2241 Gait Analysis and Training
PHTA 2242 Gait Analysis and Training Lab
PHTA 2222 Communication and Documentation
PHTA 2271 Clinical Experience I

PHTA 2301 Physical Therapy Procedures II
PHTA 2302 Physical Therapy Procedures II Lab
PHTA 2362 Therapeutic Exercise
PHTA 2333 Therapeutic Exercise Lab
PHTA 2391 Neurophysiology
PHTA 2392 Neurophysiology Lab
PHTA 2352 Clinical Internship I
PHTA 2361 Pediatrics Lecture
PHTA 2371 Pediatrics Lab

PHTA 2403 Clinical Internship II
PHTA 2413 Clinical Internship III

Please Note:

The PTA Program curriculum is very demanding with many required hours in and outside of the classroom. We recommend that students work no more than 25 hours per week.