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Paramedic Coursework

The following is the required coursework necessary to complete the Paramedic  program and obtain an Associate of Applied Science - Parmedic Science.  

BIOL 2214 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2224 Anatomy and Physiology II

emta 1102

HIM 1001 Intro to Medical Terminology OR HIM 1403 Med Term for Health Sciences


EMTP 1001 12 Lead EKG
EMTP 1003 Paramedic Pharmacology
EMTP 1012 Patient Assessment and EPCR
EMTP 1111 EMS Environment I




EMTP 1011 Emergency Respiratory Care
EMTP 1026 Emergency Cardiac Care
EMTP 1031 EMS Environment II
EMTP 1123 Medical Emergencies I
EMTP 1206 Emergency Cardiac Care

EMTP 1022 Shock and Fluid Therapy
EMTP 1032 Traumatology
EMTP 1204 Paramedic Clinical II
EMTP 1233 Medical Emergencies II
EMTP 1402 Paramedic Field Internship II



ENGL 1013 Composition I

MATH 1003 Survey of Technical Math or higher

ENGL 1023 Composition II OR ENGL 2013 Technical Writing

Choose one

CISQ 1103 Intro to Computer Information
HIM 1123 Electronic Health Records