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Academic Calendar

Be sure to check the academic calendar to learn of important dates throughout the year such as the first and last day of classes, finals, holiday breaks and more.

Dates listed below which are directly related to instruction refer to the traditional academic year. Dates are subject to change.

Spring 2021:

Spring 16 Week
Spring 12 Week
Spring 1st 8 Week
Spring 2nd 8 Week
Spring 3 Week
Spring General Term Dates
Spring Finals Schedule (coming soon) 

Summer 2020:

Summer First 5 Weeks
Summer Second 5 Weeks
Summer Third 5 Weeks
Summer 6 Weeks
Summer 7 Weeks
Summer 8 Weeks
Summer 10 Weeks
Summer First 12 Weeks
Summer Second 12 Weeks
Summer General Term Dates

Fall 2020:

Fall 16 Week
Fall 12 Week
Fall 1st 8 Week
Fall 2nd 8 Week
Fall 3 Week
Fall 4 Week
Fall 6 Week
Fall EMS 8 Week

Fall General Term Dates

Fall Finals Schedule