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Systems Portfolio Process

As stated by the Higher Learning Commission, one of the Academic Quality Improvement Program's (AQIP) core processes, the systems portfolio describes key systems and processes that the organization uses to achieve its goals and the performance results it obtains from them.

During the first four years of participation, an organization assembles a systems portfolio with broad faculty and staff involvement. This document is essential for the systems appraisal that AQIP conducts three years after the organization is accepted to participate in AQIP.

The systems portfolio consists of an organizational overview and explicates each of the major systems employed to accomplish an organization's mission and objectives. The organization answers specific questions for each of the six AQIP categories. For each system, the questions deal with context for analysis, processes, results and improvement. The organizational overview presents a capsule picture that helps readers understand the organization's key strengths and ambitions, as well as the challenges and conflicts it faces.

The systems portfolio is a record of NWACC's activities with regard to the nine key processes of AQIP and acts as the following:

  • High quality, actionable feedback on NWACC's strengths an opportunities from a team of quality improvement experts and educators.
  • Body of evidence to show the Higher Learning Commission that NWACC is meeting its criteria for accreditation.
  • Common reference point that lets everyone at NWACC share an understanding of how the college is organized, its key processes, what kind of performance those processes produce, and how it improves.
  • Planning tool that helps NWACC share the institution's future agenda and concentrates everyone's attention on those areas that should be the focus of improvement.
  • Evidence, over time, that AQIP is working to your institution's advantage, and that continued participation in the program makes sense
  • Public information and relations tool that lets stakeholders understand clearly and persuasively what the college is accomplishing with its resources.

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