Wellness Resources

The Wellness Resources page includes handouts and other information provided during various wellness events or from community organizations.  For more information about upcoming Wellness Events please visit our Wellness Events page.  For more information about Community Resources please visit the Community Resources page.

Community Resources

Arkansas Crisis Center

United Way of Northwest Arkansas


Personal Wellness

The Stages of HIV Infection

How to Clean and Disinfect Needles and Syringes

Addiction Resources

Test Anxiety

Study Guides & Strategies on Overcoming Test Anxiety


Domestic Violence

Signs That You're In an Abusive Relationship, Safe Dating Tips and Numbers to Know

Peace at Home Family Shelter Services


Depression, Loneliness & Stress

12 Weeks of Daily Suggestions for Coping with Stress



For more information, questions or comments please contact:

Dale Montgomery

Dean of Students & Title IX Deputy (Student Issues)


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