WCC Tutoring

May 7 - May 15, 2015

WCC Services and Student Center Will Be Closed

Tutoring is available at WCC and is free to all NWACC students. When you visit, an experienced tutor will assist you with your math problems. The tutor is located in the WCC Student Center, Suite C and is available during the following days/times:

Service Hours at WCC

Tuesday & Wednesday: 12:30am - 5:30pm

Academic Success Center
The Academic Success Center offers instructional, individualized, supplemental and technological assistance outside the classroom to aid students' efforts to achieve academic success. We offer free tutoring by our CRLA-certified tutors in areas of science, math, basic computer information, and a limited number of other subjects. Also our lab offers free computer use and assistance to all students. The Academic Success Center also has many other ways to assist students that are described in more detail in the Academic Success Center Handbook.

Contact the Academic Success Center at Main Campus in Bentonville at (479) 619-4241 or visit the following link for the tutor schedule.


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