Student Government Association

Inter-Club Council (ICC)

Upcoming Meetings




September 12th


BH 1444

October 10th


BH 1444

November 14th12:00pm-1:00pm
BH 1444
February 13th12:00pm-1:00pm
BH 1444
March 13th12:00pm-1:00pm
BH 1444
April 10th12:00pm-1:00pm
BH 1444


The Inter-Club Council, or “ICC” is a group established by the Student Government Association that includes representatives from every campus club.

  • Every club is encouraged to appoint a representative to the ICC and attend the meetings.
  • Receive updates about SGA funds.
  • The Inter-Club Council meets once a month and is a great place to hear what other campus clubs are doing and to learn about opportunities available to organizations.
  • Any club member or advisor is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.
Guide Lines and Important Information for Requests

-          There has been 2,000 budget allocated for ICC per semester

o   What this means is there will be 10 requests of $200 max, you may not go over this amount.
§ Remember each club can submit only one request.
-          We will be accepting requests starting Oct 10 at 1pm
-          Requests will be open the day of the meetings and the deadlines for those requests will be 2 weeks after the meeting
o   So what this means is
§ 2 weeks for you to apply
§ 2 weeks for the application to be processed and approved by SGA  and processed by the NWACC  Business Office
o   Awarded recipients will be announced at the following meetings and on the Inner-Club Council page.
-          Complete the fillable form.
-          Remember Only approved clubs are allowed to make any requests
     Important Dates 

Fall 2013

Meeting Dates


 Request forms opening


Deadlines for Request Forms

September 12th

(Request will not open till Oct. 10th)


Will not be accepting any request forms yet


October 10th

October 24th

November 14th

November 28th


Spring 2014
Meeting Dates
 Request forms opening
Deadlines for Request Forms
February 13th
February 27th
March 13th
March 27th
April 10th
April 24th


If any questions please contact the SGA Treasurer Jamie Garcia at


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For more information about SGA: 
   call: (479) 936-5141
   stop by: BH 1215