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Indian Territory Days, Cherokee Heritage Center: October 7th, leave from NWACC @ 6:30 AM

Cherokee Heritage Center: October 28th, leave from NWACC @ 7:00 AM

Cherokee Immersion School: November 11th

On-Campus Presentation: November 29th,  7:00 PM


Cherokee Advocacy Project Planning meeting

Wed., Sept. 14, 


“Research” or “Find Out” component of the project:


SIFE Cherokee project.

  •  Springdale elementary school how to manage develop and sell their product. Project with children in Maryettta led to connections with Cherokee nation.
  • Similar project with some high schools. Serious enough students to take project looking into student loan to continue and develop the project. Students in the Cherokee project can work with the SIFE to work with the service learning project.


  • History students project on history of enterprise in the Cherokee nation.  
  • History of attempting and successfully developing business. Show past records of what has worked and hasn't.
  • Looking at how the casinos have become into the Cherokee nation. Cherokee business team be with the SIFE students.
  • Historical, cultural aspect of business and culture of enterprise.
  • Free access to the heritage center and the archives.  
  • Check on federal programs for Cherokee's starting businesses



Name of teams and objective of the team in the project on the service learning project. Post info and presentations on the service learning project is available for public knowledge.


Teams for the project:


Team 1- teaching entrepreneurial ship in the Cherokee nation SIFE and Eastern OK schools. Immersions school

A. Teach learning modules in schools. SIFE team.


B. Component of the history of enterprise in the Cherokee nation Rebecca Carrell rcarrell@nwacc.edu Dates from Becky Hudson for teaching and enterprise day tp set guidelines for due dates on project


Team 2- Cherokee culture

Nate Argent 

Robert Toudouze

Clint Christman


Team 3- Cherokee in military history

D'Etta Mason 


Team 4- trail of tears and reemergence of Cherokee nation.

D’Etta Mason 

Lydia Gipson


Provide service to the Cherokee nation.


Possible theme for the project is the reemergence of Cherokee nation or Cherokee recovery


Service component- make a difference piece:

  • Teaching enterprise in the Cherokee schools Presentation at immersion school and other area schools School supply drive for immersion school.
  • Contact Ryan Mackey Sell bracelets to raise funds for immersion school and heritage center add candy to the bracelets.
  • Look into dividing funds into loan as well


Team 1 - SIFE Team

  • Teach learning modules in schools
  • Give a presentation on the history of Cherokee entrepreneurship


Team 2 - Cherokee Culture Team

  • Give a presentation on the tools and crafts used by the Cherokees before European contact and the attempt to restore the knowledge to a younger generation
  • Give a presentation on modern Cherokee art
  • Give a presentation on other Cherokee cultural aspects


Team 3 - Cherokee History Team 1

  • Give a presentation on Cherokees in U.S. military history


Team 4 - Cherokee History Team 2

  • Give a presentation on The Trail of Tears and the emergence of the Cherokee Nation


For information on joining a Cherokee Advocacy Project team, email SL@nwacc.edu