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Sustainability Project Planning Meeting

Fall 2011



  • Awareness: Not enough public knowledge
  • Recycling: Techniques
  • Education: Teach ways to be greener
  • Trash Pick-Up: Student? Maintenance?
  • Garbage: Sort?
  • SAAB Participation: Volunteers?
  • Consumption- Water Bottles, Motion Sensor Lights
  • Family Resource Center- Their efforts?


  Historical Books:

  • "Garbage in the Cities" By: Martin Melosi
  • "Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency" By: Samuel P. Hays
  • "Sustainability" By: Empacts


Location: NWACC.edu>Current Students>Service Learning>East Empacts>Homepage>Enter>Service Learning>Best Practices

** Review the slides of Service Learning/EMPACTS websites to better understand the different ways to recycle: https://www.nwacc.edu/web/servicelearning/Sustainability



  • Recycling Techniques:
    •          -"Recyclemania"
    •          -Education


Sustainability Projects

  • -University of Arkansas' Sustainability Efforts
  • -Other school's efforts: College, High School, etc.
  • -Reasons why we should recycle? è Single Receptacle?
  • -Rules and Policies @ NWACC
  • -Partnerships?
    •      -SAAB?
    •      -Service Learning
    •     -Pea Ridge National Military Park
    •     -Wal-Mart/Sam's Club
  • -Locations of Recycling Centers
  • -Cabinet Liaison(s)
  • -Research- Reduce our consumption!
  • -Strategies to Improve Awareness
  • Building Diagrams/General Informational Maps


 Historical Significance

  • Recycling, Energy Conservation throughout history, Alternative Technology
  • NWACC History with Sustainability
  • Family Resource Centers: Weather-rise for old and poor.

Service for Project

  • Family Resource Center
  • Greenland Junior High Schools: Students interested? Possibly teach them?
  • Recycling
  • Awareness
  • Energy Saving Possibilities


Logo/Motto Ideas :

- "Put the Green Back in NWACC!"


Team 1 : Sustainability at other schools



Team 2 :

Research possible partnerships

  • Pea Ridge National Military Park
  • Greenland Middle School
  • Family Resource Center
  • Other schools, junior & senior highs, other colleges/universities



Team 3 : Research- How to reduce carbon footprint

  • Recycling
  • Strategies- To improve awareness
  • Building diagrams/Green info maps



  • Recycle energy/ conserve
  • Martin Melosi-Garbage in the Cities
  • Samuel P Hays-Conservation and the Gospel of Efficiency
  • NWACC's history with sustainability



  • Family Resource Center-Kimberly Porter

 Greenland Middle School—contact David Blankenship DBLANKEN@nwacc.edu —EAST facilitator—7th & 8th graders perhaps can partner with NWACC students on sustainability project

  • Recycling
  • Awareness
  • Energy saving possibilities


Contacts for Sustainability Information/Help


  • Weatherization program 
  • Energy assistance program
  • Classes on weatherizing
  • Home delivery of meals 


  • gtanner@nwacc.edu – George Tanner, SIFE Advisor, Business Professor
  • rhudson1@nwacc.edu –  Becky Hudson, SIFE Advisor, Business Professor
  • chuggard@nwacc.edu  – Chris Huggard, History Prof & Service Learning Coordinator
  • •    Mary Beth Haas- mhaas@nwacc.edu --She has videos and resources that can be useful for sustainability (student activities coordinator NWACC)